Red Jasper

How Red Jasper’s Influence on Our Lives

Introduction to Red Jasper For Red Jasper, red is the colour of energy, power, and love. It is well known that it belongs to the Chalcedony mineral family. This lovely stone is a quartz variant with a vitreous sheen and opaque transparency. It has a lovely form and colour that appeal to all users. Red has the
Understanding Healing Crystals-Esoteric Wholesale

Understanding Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals Crystals have been used since several years and is a source of healing power. Healing crystals has been used by ancient cultures to clear and transform spirit, physical health and energy. Of late crystals are widely used in pharmaceuticals for the manufacturing of a number of medications. So, if you are looking forward
Performing A Crystal Massage Wand-Esoteric Wholesale

Performing A Crystal Massage Wand

There is a major difference when a massage is performed with a crystal and when it is done with a crystal wand. The effective consequence of a massage done through crystal wand varies from shape, size, source or material that has been used. Crystal massage wands have the power to direct the powers of the
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Esoteric Energy And How To Channel It-Esoteric Wholesale
What is Esoteric Energy? Everything that one sees in this universe possess some form of energy, whether good or bad. Now, esoteric healing is basically finding a way to transform the energy from its various imbalances and restore the balance which will further help in healing. The balanced energy which we then find is available
Select The Best Merkaba Star To Improve Your Life-Esoteric Wholesale

The Merkaba Star To Improve Your Life

Merkaba star The merkaba star are the carrier of spiritual energy which are usually used by healers and seekers for a spiritual transformation and healing. The word ‘merkaba’ means ancient, It is one of the best tools that can be used for self healing purposes. It amalgamates the spiritual and the human give together and
What is Esoteric Healing and the Tools to Aid the Process-Esoteric Wholesale
Idea About Esoteric Healing Esoteric healing is nothing but a process of balancing and harmonising the energy fields of the human body. This is done by working with the Aura which is the electromagnetic field of the human body. This particular energy field or Aura circumscribes and permeates the bodies of all human beings. Physical
The 7 Chakra Stones You Need To Improve Your Life-Esoteric Wholesale
Crystals are being used since ancient times to derive its powerful, safe, energetic healing properties. They are found to heal even deep seated issues and offer great health and happiness. Every crystal is stated to have a unique healing property, with some suited for prosperity and abundance, others for harmony, relationships and love, including shielding

Reiki Healing – Pendulum for Sale

Reiki healing is regarded to be a powerful and most commonly used energy healing methods across the globe. It does offer fabulous results. It helps to balance the person’s internal life force and offers better healing to the mind, body and soul. When combined along with other healing methods, the energy of both can be
Healing Crystals - Esoteric Wholesale
Technology has always been a blessing for the world, but there are still certain things that have not lose its hold on the people. And one such thing is the belief of healing stones that people have even today. Since years, it has been considered as the best way to cure various types of problems like diseases