Facetted Pendulum

The shape of this faceted pendulum provides good balance and the pointed tip gives more precise accuracy while dowsing. The facets in this Pendulum reflects healing light through the crystal. These regular pendulums are available in either smooth or faceted plain. Pendulums are excellent tools for chakra balancing, dowsing, spiritual healing and inner growth.

Types of Faceted Pendulum:

  • Crystal 6 Facet Pendulum With Copper Chain
  • Sunstone Pendulums
  • Mahogany Obsidian 12 Facet Pendulum
  • Cornelian Agate 12 Facet Pendulum
  • RAC Bonded 6 Facet Pendulum
  • Unakite 12 Facet Pendulum
  • 12 Facet Orange Moonstone Pendulum
  • Aragonite 6 Facet Pendulum
  • Selenite 6 Facet Pendulums